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May 1 Commissioner Meeting Review – bardeblog.com

May 1 Commissioner Meeting Review from bardeblog.com Nicole Barde continues her yeoman work having endured another Storey County Commissioner meeting and filing another insightful report.  In her article she highlights, among other things, the remarkable disconnect that is the information loop here in Storey County; that of informational osmosis; you …

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Electile Dysfunction in Broad Daylight – The BardeBlog

My Taxes are too high

In her usual witty manner, Nicole Barde dissects yesterday’s Storey County Commissioners meeting with deft and astute clarity. The meeting was at times entertaining and at times ice-pick-in-the-eye-socket fun. Nicole’s depiction of Jack McGuffy’s remarks are spot on. For the first time in Jack’s tenure, Lance Gilman let Jack say …

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Commissioners Meeting May 2nd – Deja vu all over again

Storey Count Seal

This recap of the Storey County Commissioner Meeting is from Nicole Barde of  bardeblog.com. Looks like Mike “Mission Critical” Nevin presence is so essential to county governance that he can’t be allowed to retire. He just signed a no bid contract that nets him $4500.00 a month. Um… Jason Van …

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