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Gilman sues The Teller, BardeBlog Responds

Barde Blog

After reading the report that Mustang Ranch Brothel Owner, TRIC Executive and County Commissioner Lance Gilman is suing The Teller, former County Commission Candidate Nicole Barde shared her thoughts with her audience via her blog The BardeBlog. Ms. Barde points out some pretty interesting things and we appreciate kind words. …

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Comstock Mining Stock Prices Continue to Plummet

Corrado de Gasparis announced that Comstock Mining Incorporated would attend and exhibit at the American Exploration & Mining Association’s 123rd Annual Event Held at the Sparks Nugget Hotel last week. From the obligatory press release, De Gasparis is quoted: “We are looking forward to participating in an excellent AEMA conference, …

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Dec. 5 Commissioner Meeting Report – Nicole Barde

For those of you who don’t subscribe to the Meeting report of Nicole Barde, I am copying a link so you can check it out. I was at the meeting and remember it being the angriest I have been at the combination of self-congratulatory back-slapping and milquetoasty “decisiveness” in dealing …

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UPS adds Delivery Vehicle for VCH

Rod from UPS advised The Teller that UPS has added a new delivery operator servicing the Virginia City Highlands exclusively. Rod wanted to advise the folks in the Highlands that the purple truck is operated by an official UPS employee, so they should resist the urge to fire a shot …

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CMI’s Tailspin Continues with Q3 SEC Filing

If you were to believe the press releases festooning the otherwise vacous pages of the Comstock Chronicle, you would think that Comstock Mining Incorporated (CMI) was making millions while employing thousands here in the “Richest Place On Earth”. The CMI cheerleaders at the Comstock Chronicle (deemed the Comstock Comical by …

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V&T Depot – The Spectre of Eminent Domain

Yesterday I engaged in a cheeky little tit for tat on Facebook with Comstock Chronicler Karen “Storey County Cheer Squad Princess” Woodmanse. She was curious about why I attacked the poor innocent little ol’ Mustang Ranch owner and his bunkmate for code violations (which you can read about here) yet …

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Update on Mustang Ranch Zoning Complaint

We recently shared our frustrations with Storey County Administration in what we considered to be stonewalling our request for information about the zoning of Mustang Ranch (which you can read here). Additionally, we question the residency status of two public officials; County Commissioner Lance Gilman and Planning Commissioner Kris Thompson. …

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GOED Postpones Pipeline Bond Deal

The Governors Office of Economic Development (GOED) met at the Capitol yesterday for it’s November board meeting. Item 7 on the agenda for discussion and possible approval was the TRIC effluent pipeline bond measure we have been covering since it was first floated at the Storey County Commissioners meeting some …

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TRIC Executive Shoves Foot In Mouth – Part Three

TRIC Executive Kris Thompson contradicts reality and his boss with his latest response to Nicole Barde’s recant of the November 7th Storey County Commissioners meeting on the (irrelevant according to McGuffey) Virginia City Highlands email chat group. Specifically, he champions the Effluent Pipeline deal currently unwinding on “life support”. You …

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