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Virginia City Honors The 8th Grade Class of 2020 the “Quarantine Kids”

Congratulations VCHS Class of 2020!

Escorted by the Storey County Fire Department and Sheriff’s Office, the Virginia City Middle School Class of 2020 was celebrated with a parade up C Street today.

The boardwalk was scattered with proud parents, family members, and town residents cheering the “The Quarantine Kids”.

The freshly minted adults all practiced “social distancing” wearing the traditional graduating cap and gown riding individually in an automobile.

It was great to see the kids being able to celebrate their accomplishments in the center of town instead of a stuffy gym. The ability to push through in these crazy times will mark their transition from youth into adulthood.

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Quarantine Kids
Quarantine Kids
Quarantine Kids
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Way To Go Quarantine Kids!

This story initially had the parade celebrating the VCHS Seniors. It was actually the 8 grade class.

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