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Teller wins

Teller Wins 4 Awards At NPA Convention

The Storey Teller Wins Best Platform Writing at Nevada Press Association Annual  Convention

Newspapers gathered from across the state to take in The Nevada Press Association (NPA) annual convention in Las Vegas this weekend. The event recognizes outstanding journalism, from across the state including editorial, breaking news, photojournalism, graphic design, and headlines. The NPA gives separate awards for urban, intermediate and weekly papers so the little guys get the recognition they deserve.

The major news event in Las Vegas was the tragic shooting on October 1, many strong stories and photos received recognition. Rural papers revealed their chops with great features and excellent writing. Many of the best stuff came from The Elko Daily Free Press and the Tonopah Times-Bonanza.

A Family Tradition

The Storey Teller won 4 separate awards for journalistic excellence as Storey County’s lone representative in Las Vegas. The Teller took first place in Platform Writing and third in General Online Excellence, Best Editorial Page, and Freedom of the Press. The Storey Teller’s editor Sam Toll follows in the footsteps of father and fellow Nevada Journalist David Toll. David published The Gold Hill News in the mid-70’s and won over a dozen awards from the NPA. David Toll continues writing the NevadaGram and produces Nevadatravel.net, a resource for folks traveling across the Silver State.

While my dad is an actual writer, I am a self-taught upstart. As such, I have tried my best to shine light into places not used to scrutiny and helped to show people what is going on here in Storey County that is completely unreported on in other places. I write investigative articles that reveal things about Storey County that many don’t realize is going on. I have received support from the community and I am warmed by the kind words I get from people I meet walking the streets. Self-praise is no recommendation so it feels good to see other professionals recognize the effort I put into The Teller.

The NPA has an interesting method of judging the awards. They are part of a 6 state group that shares in judging other state’s work annually. This year Nevada judged South Dakota’s press awards while Wyoming judged Nevada’s efforts.

I want to give my sincere gratitude to the gentle readers of The Teller. Your generous support gives me the fuel to keep the engine running full throttle.



Elect Sam Toll For County Commissioner

About Sam Toll

Sam Toll is a native of Gold Hill and returned home in 2016 after 35 years in the Sacramento Valley. He enjoys old cars and loud music. And writing.

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  1. A very big congrats for a job well done. So pleased that the ghost of
    Mark Twain continues to wander the streets of Virginia City.

  2. Congrats Sam. You’re an excellent journalist & the Teller is one fine online newspaper. Keep you the great work.

  3. Congratulations, Sam! These awards are hotly contested and to win one is something, and FOUR is AMAZING, esp. 1st Place in Platform Writing. It would be interesting to re-visit these pieces.

  4. Congratulations! We just recently discovered the Storey Teller. This really fills a need in the Comstock for current news and in depth reporting as well as input from the community. Congratulations on the 🥇👍🏼❤️

  5. I guess this will nullify Lance Gilman’s last legal claim against you. His claim that you are not legitimate “press” should be dismissed now. I hope you can reclaim legal fees from him.

  6. Cashion Callaway

    WOOOOHOOOO! SING GODAMN. Congrats, y’all. cc

  7. MEGA CONGRATS…..A well deserved recognition.

  8. WOW! Congratulations! That’s awesome, Sam!

  9. Sam Toll,
    Take this to your Court Hearing.. and shove it in Gilman’s face..
    and the faces of his TricGateTurning cronies.
    Sam DNA Dehne
    The RGJ media wacko freaks refused to acknowledge your great
    and honorable awards for being A REAL REPORTER.
    That is because they are frauds when it comes to telling
    the Truth about the real things going on in Reno; many of
    which are perpetrated by Sam DNA Dehne.. every week for
    the last 25 years. http://www.renocitizen.com/movies.htm

    RGJ Frauds “Win” Bogus Awards:

  10. DayYam.. Sam DNA’s Very Complimentary Comment
    apparently got hacked and is missing.
    Probably by Sam Toll’s “opponents” out there.
    Sam DNA Dehne

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