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Voices of the Past - A Living Tour

Voices of the Past – A Living Tour Returns to VC Cemetery

Voices of the Past – A Living Tour Returns to VC Cemetery

Voices of the Past – A Living Tour returns to the Virginia City Cemetery in September. As they have done in years past, actors from Funtime Theater will haunt the Virginia City Cemetery to retell the stories of people buried there. The actors do a masterful job of presenting our rich past in a touching and genuine manner. They truly bring the authentic history of the Comstock Lode to life and tell real stories of real people.

This event should not be missed by anyone who loves the history of The Richest Place On Earth. Performances begin September 29th and run until October 14th, Saturday and Sunday, with two shows daily at 10 am and 1 pm. 

Audience size is small so tickets sell out quickly. But tickets online via Facebook (Funtime Theater), or on Eventbrite, or call 1-888-449-7630. $15 for adults, $10 for seniors/children. Check out Groupon for special deals. To learn more about Funtime Theater, visit them at funtimetheater.com.

See The Past Come Alive

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Virginia City Cemeteries come alive before your eyes.  Many have wondered what the people were like on the Comstock; how did they live, dress and die?  All your questions will be answered and curiosities satisfied.

You will meet the residents of 19th century Comstock in person.  They will share their stories, their lives, and their deaths. Each of the nine characters will be dressed in appropriate period costumes with tales from the past to share with you. Voices of the Past – The Living Tour takes place in the Silver Terrace Cemeteries in Virginia City.  In its fourth year, tickets sell out early. The audience size is limited for each performance. Good walking shoes, sunscreen, and water are recommended as this is a moderately difficult walk.


Voices of the Past - A Living Tour Returns to VC Cemetery  Voices of the Past - A Living Tour Returns to VC Cemetery

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  1. Where, exactly, is John MCKay’s granddaughter buried and his first wife’s baby daughter?

    • According to the Cemetery folks, “Marie Bryant (wife’s child) is buried in the Catholic section-in fact, we just repaired her grave and I will send you a photo. Mackay’s great-granddaughter gave up her burial site. Not aware of another Mackay burial on the Comstock.”

      Hope this helps.

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