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Your Tax Dollars at work in Storey County in 2017

Your Tax Dollars at work in Storey County

$2,682,046.31 of  Your Tax Dollars hard(ly) at work in Storey County in 2107 The Tax Foundation began tracking Tax Freedom Day in 1948. Tax Freedom Day is the day that the nation as a whole pays all the taxes to all the Federal, State and Local agencies they need for …

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Sunday Word Of The Day – Priority

Another Sunday and another Essay on Words and their meaning in Storey County Governance. Today’s word is Priority. Please comment if you have any thoughts to share… Thanksgiving came and went a couple of days ago and I couldn’t resist tossing the political theory grenade into the after dinner conversation. …

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V&T Depot – The Spectre of Eminent Domain

Yesterday I engaged in a cheeky little tit for tat on Facebook with Comstock Chronicler Karen “Storey County Cheer Squad Princess” Woodmanse. She was curious about why I attacked the poor innocent little ol’ Mustang Ranch owner and his bunkmate for code violations (which you can read about here) yet …

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