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The Judy Black Case – Exploitation Is Not Good

exploitation |ˌekˌsploiˈtāSH(ə)n| noun 1 the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work: the exploitation of migrant workers. 2 the action of making use of and benefiting from resources: the Bronze Age saw exploitation of gold deposits. 3 the fact of making use of a situation to gain unfair advantage for …

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An interview with Sheriff Antinoro

This interview was conducted in mid-November and is reposted here for those who may have missed it when it first ran. ST: On the 9th of November it was announced that a PAC was formed with the express purpose of recalling you from office. What is your perspective on this …

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“Team Storey”

When you review the minutes of Storey County’s Commission meetings, you will find the record peppered with the phrase Team Storey. This phrase is typically surrounded by the flowery praise of a county employee or department whose exemplary service requires attention as they pat themselves on the back for conducting …

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Recall Antinoro Petition Signers

Recall Petition Signers A complete list of the Recall Petition Signers who put their names to Recall Sheriff Antinoro. A previous list posted here contained only the 500 in the random sample. Chad Acree Darlene Adamson Jennifer Agnew Anthony Ahwee Mark Aird Deborah Aird Irene Aldrich Ashley Allen Ashley Allen Julia …

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