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Storey County May 2018 Taxable Sales Numbers Down

Storey County's May 2018 Taxable Sales came in at $ 95,570,577 compared with $ 145,673,690 from May, 2017; a difference of $ 50,103,113. The May numbers represent the fourth consecutive month that taxable sales have been less than previous years sales.

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Storey County 2018 – Spring Forward or Fall Back?

Spring Forward

Daylight savings time happened this past Sunday morning. As we settle into the new rigors of this nonsensical government mandated time/space continuum adjustment of the days getting darker earlier, I can’t help thinking about what things will look like for Storey County and Nevada a year from now. When we …

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Dan Schwartz, Candidate for Governor – Episode Eight

Dan Schwartz

In this episode, we interview Dan Schwartz, Candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2018. We discuss School Vouchers, the Commerce Tax and a variety of other topics. Dan is an interesting guy and strikes me as someone who will drain the swamp of lobbyists and other swamp monsters.  

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