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Irrelevant – The Sunday Word Of The Day

As a practicing writer, I like words. I have been interested in the meaning of words and their origins, phrases and the flavor of semantics since I started reading. Words have meaning. When used thoughtfully, words can inspire or make you smile or frown. In short, words, and their use, …

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The NFL & Luther Strange: A Tale of Two PR Disasters

Chick Muth is a friend of The Storey Teller and a solid principled conservative. Chuck sends his column to the good people of Storey County for your reading enjoyment with a friendly reminder; It’s not It’s not enough to just elect more Republicans; you need to elect better ones as …

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Solutions For Storey County

Yesterday I got called out for complaining about Storey County Politics. Ron Fields asked me to quit bellyaching and offer up some solutions. So I did. Mr. Fields, great post.  Thank you for the kind words about my writing. I remember being in a meeting with Steve Jobs in the …

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Mug Shots and Public Shaming. Good or Bad?

the stockyard

The Storey Teller has posted Arrest Reports both with and without Mug Shots. In posting Mug Shots, I am conflicted. On the one hand, they serve as a (perhaps ineffective)  deterrent; If you don’t want your face to show up in the public shaming gallery you might think twice about …

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Storey County Citizens Come Last…

You come last

…. at least as far as the County Commissioners are concerned. I have provided public comment at dozens and dozens and dozens of public meetings. School Board Meetings. Town Council Meetings. City Meetings. County Meetings. State Board Meetings. Every single public meeting allowed Public Comment on anything not on the …

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Mental Institution(al) Knowledge

Readers of the BardeBlog may have noticed in the second to last edition (read it here) that the return of the zombie apocalypse is gathering by the Fourth Ward preparing to parade down C Street. Two lifelong members of the Storey County Payroll club are “retiring” on June 30, 2017. …

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Hire Bush’s People, Get Bush’s Wars.

Mission Accomplished

Republished From the ConservativeHQ George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 5/12/17 Candidate Donald Trump promised a new approach to American foreign policy and national security. One that emphasized securing our domestic borders and defeating Islamism by destroying the Islamic State and organizations, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, that support and encourage …

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Early American Government Ran on Lotteries, Not Taxes

Louisana Lottery

The corrupt Louisiana State Lottery company, which issued this 1889 ticket (shown front and back), gave lotteries a bad name. In the late 19th century, Ainsworth Rand Spofford, the sixth Librarian of Congress, went looking through America’s early newspapers for the earliest notice of a lottery he could find. What …

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